summer interns are always a blessing


For the third summer, B4B is blessed to receive the help from our team intern.  Lindsey Knapp already has, and will continue, to spend countless hours cataloguing books in the library.  It’s the boring task that just never seems to get done, but is necessary for a functioning library.  So far, she’s been an all-star with no complaints.  Lindsey also gets to join the kids in the afternoon to share picture books and Bible stories.  She took a few minutes to share about her first visit on her blog and it’s worth the read!  Check it out!  I’m so thankful to have an intern willing to read on her first visit and tell the Bible story on her second.  Not to mention, she even wants to come in on her evenings off!  Thank you, Lindsey!



a special new book


Years of missionary moms have dreamt of a children’s library for Babwisi kids to receive daily access to quality literature.  They slowly accumulated books for their own children over the years and often shared these with the community on the front porch.  One of these moms, Jennifer Myhre, took sharing literature with her children to a whole new level.  She wrote them books.  Every year for Christmas, Jennifer would read aloud the newest tale she wrote for her four small children.  The tales weren’t just works of imagination, but relayed people and places they knew well.  Jennifer wrote about the people and places of Bundibugyo!

Books4Bundi has received the special gift of the first publishing of the Myrhe’s prized stories.  A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest is the first fictional book about Bundibugyo, and we own our very own copy!  Rachael, our dedicated librarian and an avid reader, has received the honor of being the first to read this moving story.


Did I mention the artwork is by a former Bundi missionary kid?!  This book is such a blessing!  If you’d like to learn more about it, check out this video, or buy yourself a copy here!  Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest with the Books4Bundi library!



Deborah, our most dedicated library visitor, is excited to try her reading skills at A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest!

Phase 2 almost complete!


Since the books have arrived gradually over the past couple years, I’ve lumped them into 3 “phases.”  To complete a phase the books have to land in Bundi, be added to the online catalogue by ISBN number, have their Lexile Reading Count level determined, receive two identifying stickers and the B4B stamp, be placed on the coordinating shelf, and have their Lexile count added to the online catalogue.  And that’s the quick version!  It’s a very long process from your hands to the those of a little one in Uganda.  (But it’s worth it!)  Currently, phase 2 books are almost finished! They are on the shelves in the library, and all that’s left is to enter their Lexile level in the online catalogue.  Check out all our books!


Phase 3 has made it to Bundi, but still awaits the process.


Even though it’s a slow process, it’s filled with joy!  I can’t wait to have phase 2 and 3 finished and phase 4 underway!  Please pray!

They’re here!! They’re here!!


The wish list, the asks, the donations, the parties…

From your home, from the local book store….

Floated across the Atlantic Ocean….

Driven across Kenya and Uganda….

Now 14 boxes of new books are sitting in the Books4Bundi Library!!!


I am THRILLED to sort through these boxes, catalogue the books and get them on the shelves!  I’ve already opened every box, just to look at them, and they are the most BEAUTIFUL books I’ve ever seen!


Thank you for donating, for organizing, for caring about the kids of Bundi.  We are feeling blessed and know we are!

I knew I’d get the list, but….


I didn’t think I’d get the ENTIRE wish list from ONE church!!!

Central Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN, where my cousin pastors and family attends, didn’t just donate a few books or some funds.  They donated enough money to buy every book on the list and pay some shipping costs!  WOW!

When I created the wish list, I had full confidence God would provide those books.  But I had no idea I would get as many books as we have!  We have received way more than just that list!  God doesn’t have to provide children’s books for Bundibuyo in order for us to see that He is a good and caring God.  So isn’t it amazing that He chooses to lavish us with things we ask for!  He delights in us and wants us to delight in Him.  Not for all the things He can give and do, but for who He is!  Thinking of Central Baptist’s generous heart, the books that are coming, my cousins’ partnership, doesn’t make me just want to thank God.  It makes me want to know Him more!  It makes me want the people of Bundi to know Him so they can enjoy his goodness too! How wonderful to have a God who desires US.  He wants me.  He wants you.  He wants the children who attend the Books4Bundi library.  And somehow, He is going to use books to bring His children to Himself.

Amy and Tim's church 105

Thank you, Central Baptist!!!  B4B loves you!

Thank you, Tim, Amy, Carrie, and John!  B4B loves you and so do I!!!  I couldn’t be more proud to be your cousin!

My family is better than your family.


Ok.  I know I can’t say that.  But does your family support you as a missionary?  Do they send you packages in the mail?  Do they even send you books for your library?  Mine does!

My cousins, Amy and Tim Tapp, picked out five beautiful, brand new books for the library here in Uganda.  And so did my cousins, Jerry and Kathy Jones!

Jerry and Kathy Jones Amy & Time 5

It’s such a blessing to have their love and support, personally, and their love and support for the ones I love here.    The Jones’ books are already here in Bundi, and we can’t wait to get the others!

I praise my God every time I think of y’all!  Much love and thanks to you!




We’re so thankful for Melinda Upchurch and the Love Share community of the Tri-Cities, TN area for donating 147 books to the library!

Giving a book is such a simple way to share God’s love with someone.  Whether a co-worker, friend, or child in Africa, everyone loves a good book!  The children of Bundibugyo, Uganda do not have access to books, may not receive an education, and may not ever learn to read God’s Word for themselves.  Sharing the written word opens up worlds of possibilities.  We’re thankful for 147 new possibilities heading our way from TN!

Melinda Upchurch 147

For more information on other ways Love Share is making a difference, visit their website!