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observations from the library

This is a post from my personal blog. Enjoy!




When I first moved to Bundi, local kids would call to me using every name but my own.  “Anna,” “Jenna,” never Alanna; I just arrived.  Now they know my name and it makes me so happy.  Anytime they see me walking around, they shout my name with excitement.  I usually just smile and wave, but my heart does a little happy dance.  It’s not me they adore so much, it’s the context they know me in, the B4B library.  As I unlock the gate approaching the library, little ones come running.  A few give me big hugs before they crowd around the library door.  We quickly wash hands, the few who have them remove their shoes, and they race inside to claim a chair or spot on the rug.  It’s inspiring how they devour books.  Only a couple can read a word or two, most hold the books upside down, but their excitement never fades.  They love this library.  They love the pictures, the stories, the room itself.  After a couple hours, the little ones usually start playing on the floor or sleeping on the rug.  I don’t mind; I’m not a true librarian.  This room is a safe room, a clean, comfortable room where they can be at peace.  I’m not sure how long this level of excitement will last, but I don’t see an end to it soon.  And I don’t see an end to the joy and excitement I feel every time I open the door, read a new book, or just hear my name called across the way.