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new books!


Guess what?!

B4B just received about 1,000 new books!  WOOHOOOO!!!!

My longtime friend from home, Josh Hamby, just got himself hitched and moved back to Jinja, Uganda.  He was gracious enough to offer me space on a container he was having shipped over.  That allowed my parents to excitedly gather together some treats for me like dried fruit and tuna, fun school supplies for my Littles, AND about 1,000 children’s books for the library!

My teammate, Sarah Crane, has a mother who loves books and is as passionate about B4B as I am.  In fact, Cilla Crane was passionate about B4B before I was!  She has been gathering and shipping books for over a year, and met up with my parents in East TN to deliver this last set bound for Bundi.

The container arrived in record time, we set up a driver to bring them across the country, and Christmas came to Bundi in June.  My teammates, Rhett and Holly Wheeler, were also blessed by this container which brought them physical therapy supplies!  It was a grand Thursday morning unpacking all these treats.  There are so many books, I still haven’t even opened all the boxes! (Go over to the “take a look” page to see some pictures.)

So, Books4Bundi is sending out a big huge thank you to:

Cilla Crane for gathering the books, storing them for so long, and shipping/delivering them all over the world

the Crane’s Nashville community which donated roughly 2500 books

the Jinja Hamby’s for offering the container space, working to get it organized and mobilized, and getting it through customs

the Virginia Hamby’s and Fellowship Chapel for housing the container and helping to pack and repack it

my parents, the Jones’, for frantically gathering supplies and driving to pick up books with a grandbaby on the way

the Wheeler’s for helping me to organize deliverery and carry boxes of books

and all of you who pray for Books4Bundi