New Year Update


In October, we had a slight shift in job descriptions and I, Alanna Jones, am no longer able to open the library during the week.  Have no fear, however.  Rachel, our trusted translator, partner, and friend, has taken the reins and is charging full speed ahead.

I gave Rachel a crash course on using the felt Bible storying curriculum, and she had already learned how the library operated.  Since my shift, Rachel has been courageously opening the library by herself three afternoons a week.  I think she even keeps it open longer than I did!  She was already a huge answer to prayer, and now God is truly showing His goodness.  Books4Bundi is in good hands.

I am still the project coordinator, and pop in as often as possible.  We still have plenty of ideas for growth in the future, but right now don’t have a way forward.  We will continue with opening the library afternoons, reading to the children, Bible storying, memory verses, and as much reading/English help as possible.

The children really do love the Bible time with Rachel.  She is a solid believer, and keeps the children interested.  They memorize the Scripture in both English and Lubwisi, and recite verses for a candy prize each week.  So many kids can recite Scripture now!  They come to the library, and can’t wait for Bible time.  Such an inspiration!

As a testimony to the kids’ love of the library, many of them begged Rachel to open the library on Christmas day!  They wanted to spend their holiday in the library!  What an answer to prayer.

We have had close to 75 different children come to the library since October, when we started keeping records.  We are recording not only their attendance, but age, grade, family information, school, church, etc.  This will help us get to know the children better, help them grow, and establish a foundation for future programs.

Please keep us in your prayers as we hope to expand, but lack resources.  Please pray for these children to accept the Gospel, expand their worldview, and learn to read.  Pray for Rachel to walk closely with the Lord, and love these children they way He does.  Pray for wisdom for me, as I seek to manage the project.

Wabele Munu! Thank you very much!


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