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My family is better than your family.


Ok.  I know I can’t say that.  But does your family support you as a missionary?  Do they send you packages in the mail?  Do they even send you books for your library?  Mine does!

My cousins, Amy and Tim Tapp, picked out five beautiful, brand new books for the library here in Uganda.  And so did my cousins, Jerry and Kathy Jones!

Jerry and Kathy Jones Amy & Time 5

It’s such a blessing to have their love and support, personally, and their love and support for the ones I love here.    The Jones’ books are already here in Bundi, and we can’t wait to get the others!

I praise my God every time I think of y’all!  Much love and thanks to you!





We’re so thankful for Melinda Upchurch and the Love Share community of the Tri-Cities, TN area for donating 147 books to the library!

Giving a book is such a simple way to share God’s love with someone.  Whether a co-worker, friend, or child in Africa, everyone loves a good book!  The children of Bundibugyo, Uganda do not have access to books, may not receive an education, and may not ever learn to read God’s Word for themselves.  Sharing the written word opens up worlds of possibilities.  We’re thankful for 147 new possibilities heading our way from TN!

Melinda Upchurch 147

For more information on other ways Love Share is making a difference, visit their website!

Book parties?! Perfect!!


One creative friend of B4B decided to host a book party in order to collect books for the library.  And it sure was successful!  Thirty ladies gathered in Georgia to celebrate B4B, bringing books, money, eating yummy food, and enjoying each others’ company.  It was so beautiful, I wish I could have flown over to the States just to attend!  They ended up donating 100 books and $300!!  I’m so humbled by their excitement, gifts, and support.  Thank you Katie Leipprandt for organizing such a wonderful event!  Books4Bundi loves you!

To see Katie’s amazing craftiness and the lovely ladies of the evening, head over to Katie’s blog: Crazy Joy.


Want to host your own book party?  Let me know!  I would love to help you out!



The wish list has gone out and books are pouring in!  From all over!!  Thank you to everyone who has responded to the need!

I can’t wait to see what we end up with!  Check back soon for updates on who’s helping and where!