I knew I’d get the list, but….


I didn’t think I’d get the ENTIRE wish list from ONE church!!!

Central Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN, where my cousin pastors and family attends, didn’t just donate a few books or some funds.  They donated enough money to buy every book on the list and pay some shipping costs!  WOW!

When I created the wish list, I had full confidence God would provide those books.  But I had no idea I would get as many books as we have!  We have received way more than just that list!  God doesn’t have to provide children’s books for Bundibuyo in order for us to see that He is a good and caring God.  So isn’t it amazing that He chooses to lavish us with things we ask for!  He delights in us and wants us to delight in Him.  Not for all the things He can give and do, but for who He is!  Thinking of Central Baptist’s generous heart, the books that are coming, my cousins’ partnership, doesn’t make me just want to thank God.  It makes me want to know Him more!  It makes me want the people of Bundi to know Him so they can enjoy his goodness too! How wonderful to have a God who desires US.  He wants me.  He wants you.  He wants the children who attend the Books4Bundi library.  And somehow, He is going to use books to bring His children to Himself.

Amy and Tim's church 105

Thank you, Central Baptist!!!  B4B loves you!

Thank you, Tim, Amy, Carrie, and John!  B4B loves you and so do I!!!  I couldn’t be more proud to be your cousin!


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