Monthly Archives: December 2015

Phase 2 almost complete!


Since the books have arrived gradually over the past couple years, I’ve lumped them into 3 “phases.”  To complete a phase the books have to land in Bundi, be added to the online catalogue by ISBN number, have their Lexile Reading Count level determined, receive two identifying stickers and the B4B stamp, be placed on the coordinating shelf, and have their Lexile count added to the online catalogue.  And that’s the quick version!  It’s a very long process from your hands to the those of a little one in Uganda.  (But it’s worth it!)  Currently, phase 2 books are almost finished! They are on the shelves in the library, and all that’s left is to enter their Lexile level in the online catalogue.  Check out all our books!


Phase 3 has made it to Bundi, but still awaits the process.


Even though it’s a slow process, it’s filled with joy!  I can’t wait to have phase 2 and 3 finished and phase 4 underway!  Please pray!